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What do we do ?

Die Casting

KOOLCRAFTS™ is an engineering solution provider of the most commonly used technologies of die castings such as Gravity Die Casting(GDC), High Pressure Die Casting(HPDC) and Low Pressure Die Casting(LPDC). 

How do we do ?

With decades of experience in the field of die castings, professionals of KOOLCRAFTS™ Support your new product development, material&process optimisation and solutions to your day to day challenges.

Methods of Operations

We use sophisticated technologies from global partners to address the growing demands of the Indian MSMEs and OEMs. By Training, Consulting, Software simulation and building prototypes.

PiQ2 Temperature Result

Why do we need to Simulate ?


Simulation provides a wide range of benefits.


- Identify the problems like porosity, hot/cold spots, dimensional issues, shrinkage well in advance.
Improvement in Product quality, Process efficiency and Tool life.

- Reducing physical prototypes and mold trials thereby cost savings

- Optimise material, energy, time and process

- Respond to your RFQ fastly and more accurately.

- Very good marketing tool for new business

- Effective collaborative tool for management and technical team meetings. Thereby decisions are faster and various ideas are materialized much faster.

- Gives you technical competence over competitors.



GIGA Castings or MEGA Castings are those giant castings that are getting popular as they replace thousands of parts and manufacturing process with single casting.

GIGA castings are casted in GIGA press that can achieve 6,000 tons of locking force.

What can we do for you ?

KOOLCRAFTS™ can provide engineering consultancy over simulation of the GIGA castings. Our software tools specialize in simulating thin wall and high locking forces.

Major issues like porosity, filling, dimensional stability are estimated very effectively and accurately.



Worried about your Manufacturing Challenges ?

Most common challenges in the die casting occur due to air, incorrect filling or inadequate solidification phase. Defects like gas porosity and shrinkage porosity are internal and can be ascertained well in advance. Other defects like cracks, cold shut, soldering, flashes, blisters, flowmarks, deformation, sink issues and short shots should also be assessed and eliminated to produce quality die castings.


Foundry 4.0

Foundry 4.0

In simple, it is the increase in automation of the die casting manufacturing foundry to reduce defects, increase efficiency and effectively use the generated data for profits.

How does it work ?

It involves less human element and uses data to make smart decisions. For examples, the system can take corrective actions if a machine is not functioning properly. How cool is that ?

How does it work ?

Pretty simple, it works by collecting data, increasing the automation of individual machines and interconnecting them with other work pieces, and systems. Thereby creating intelligent networks that can control each other autonomously.

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