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CASTLE, developed by PiQ2, is a cutting-edge software solution for Aluminium, Zinc and Magnesium die casting process simulation and optimisation. CASTLE seamlessly blends advanced mathematical calculations, the laws of physics, and the extensive practical expertise derived from years of experience in the foundry industry. This powerful tool serves as a bridge between the theoretical principles governing casting processes and the invaluable real-world knowledge accumulated within the foundry sector. PiQ2's DNA is a unique amalgamation of metallurgical insights, technological prowess, fluid dynamics understanding, and empirical wisdom. With CASTLE, PiQ2 offers a comprehensive support system tailored to the diverse needs of companies, enabling them to enhance their expertise and operate independently with confidence.


SIMULATION serves a multi-faceted role in various aspects of a die casting product development work.

Firstly, it functions as a powerful design tool, allowing users to model and analyze various scenarios before implementing them in the real world. This aspect of simulation enables them to fine-tune the designs and optimize performance, ultimately leading to more effective solutions.

Secondly, simulation is seen as an integral part of the working method. It is not just a one-time tool used during the design phase but an ongoing process that aids decision-making and problem-solving throughout the entire project lifecycle. By continuously simulating different variables and conditions, companies can adapt and refine their approach as needed.

Lastly, simulation is regarded as a crucial verification tool. It helps companies ensure that their solutions meet the required standards and perform as expected by the customers. The whole process is virtual so product development cost is substantially reduced.


CASTLE Your design partner for HPDC processes. With a robust CAD interface as powerful as dedicated CAD software, an intuitive user-friendly interface, accurate simultaneous air and metal flow simulation, and cost-effective technology.

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